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2018 Supply List

posted Jul 17, 2018, 8:49 AM by Shauna Bryan

**All students need tennis shoes/sneakers for PE days** 



Backpack – 1 large (name clearly marked) 

Crayons - 1 box (16 count) 

Crayola markers - 1 box (washable)  

Pencils – 1 pack (regular size) 

Glue sticks – 3 pack of small (no gel) 

Dry erase markers (1 package of black Expo markers) 

Ziplock bags – gallon and sandwich size 

Clorox or Lysol wipes 

Tissue box(es) 

All items, with the exception of backpacks, will be shared with the entire class. 


1st Grade 

*Pencil box* 

Backpack (name clearly marked) 

#2 pencils 

1” 3 ring binder 

Glue sticks  

Crayons –1 box (16 count) 

Tissues 2 boxes 

Lysol wipes – 2 packages 

Dry erase markers – 3 black Expo 

Colored pencils 

Washable markers 

1 Durable pocket folder 

Ziplock bags – sandwich and snack size 

Highlighters-1-pink, 1-green, 1-yellow, 1-purple 

2 Composition books 

All items, with the exception of backpacks, will be shared with the entire class. 


 2nd Grade 

Backpack (name clearly marked)  

Small pencil box  

Glue sticks – 4 

Crayons – 1 box  

#2 pencils (no mechanical pencils please) 

6 Odorless dry erase black markers 

2 Wide lined composition books  

1 Pocket folder  

Baby wipes 

Lysol wipes  

Ziplock bags – sandwich, snack 

Tissues – multiple boxes 

3 Highlighters-1-pink, 1-green, 1-yellow 

All items, with the exception of backpacks, will be shared with the entire class. 


3rd Grade 

Backpack (name clearly marked 

Crayons – 1 box (16 count) 

Glue stick – 1 large 

Pink eraser – 1 large 

Pencil box/pouch  

1 Pencil sharpener – (personal size) 

Markers – 1 package (not permanent markers) 

3 Spiral notebooks – different colors 

3 Plastic pocket folders (1-red, 1-blue and  


Tissues – 2 boxes 

Dry erase markers – black only 

Ziplock bags – gallon, sandwich, snack size – 1 box of each 

Clorox wipes 

3 Highlighters- 1-pink, 1-green, 1-yellow 

Baby wipes – (unscented only) 

4th Grade  Needed first week of school 

Backpack (name clearly marked) 

Tissues – multiple boxes (at least 3)) 

Clorox wipes  

2 Composition books/spiral notebooks 

Dry erase markers  


2 pens 

4 Pocket folders 

Crayons/markers/colored pencils 

3 packs of loose-leaf paper 


Ziplock bags (any size) 


5th Grade  Needed first week of school 

Backpack (name clearly marked) 

3 Binder and tabs or/6 - 2 pocket folders 

6 notebooks 

3 Dry erase markers 


Crayons/markers/colored pencils 

#2 Pencils 

Glue sticks 

Clean, old sock or whiteboard eraser 


Ziplock bags 

Clorox wipes 

3 Highlighters-1-pink, 1-green, 1-yellow 

Small pencil sharpener 

4 Wide rule spiral notebooks (1-green, 1-blue & 1-red, 1 yellow) 

6 - 8th Grades     Recommended for the first week of school 

Gym shorts or sweat pants for PE days are required!  (Needed by the end of 1st week of school) 

Backpack (name clearly marked) 

Black binder 1 ½ inch (6th and 7th graders only) 

Pencil pouch  

Colored pencils - 2 sets 

#2 pencils 

70-count college ruled spiral notebooks (black, red, yellow, green, blue) 

Highlighters-1 of each color: pink, green, yellow, blue and purple 

1 composition notebook 

2 packages of college ruled paper 

3 folders with both pockets and brads (green, red and blue) 

Blue or black pens 

Scientific calculator (optional for home use) 

2 glue sticks 


Clear ruler 

Washable markers (NO SHARPIES) 

Expo markers – every color 

Clorox wipes 

Tissues – multiple boxes 

Hand sanitizer 



Black binder  




If you have difficulty obtaining any items, please ask homeroom teacher for assistance.