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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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NamePositionEmailWeb site
NamePositionEmailWeb site
Abbey, Tina CCSCA Assistant  
Baker, Katherine Academic Intervention Katherine Baker 
Brady, Erin 7th and 8th Grade Writing and Social Studies Teacher Erin Brady 
Bryan, Shauna Office Manager  
Conlogue, Mary KidSpace Program Manager  
Cook, Donna Behavior Support Advocate  
Corrales, X-Avier 2nd - 8th Gr. Art Teacher X-Avier Corrales 
Corral Ibarvo, Nallely Office Tech  
Deary, Heidi Speech Teacher Heidi Deary 
Distrola, Lyn Resource Teacher  
Dunn, Marci Library Tech  
Edmonds, Cindy Resource Teacher Cindy Edmonds 
Estrada, Andrea 3rd Grade Teacher   
Felix, Odette Psychologist  
Follmar, Christine Food Service Helper  
Galligan, Danielle CCSCA Assistant  
Gallup, Kristi CCSCA Assistant  
Garcia Martinez, Elizabeth 7th and 8th Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher   
Giblin, Tessa 2nd Grade CCSCA Teacher Tessa Giblin 
Gill, Terry 2nd Grade Teacher Teresa Gill 
Grooman, Natalie Food Service Unit Leader  
Gunion, Candice CCSCA Assistant  
Hanson, Marguerite 4th Grade Teacher  
Harrell, Kathi Headstart Instructor  
Hazen, Sheri Speech Teacher Sheri Hazen 
Hill, Natalie Kindergarten Teacher Natalie Hill 
Hoffman, Jordyn Resource Teacher  
Horton, Andrew PE Teacher Andrew Horton 
Hughes, Penny Instructional Coach Penny Hughes 
Jordan, Mindi CCSCA Assistant  
Klem, Jessie CCSCA Assistant  
Liles, Philip Principal  
Manoogian, Debera Crossing Guard  
McClellan, Angela 3rd Grade Teacher Angela McClellan 
McFarlane, Jillian 5th Grade Teacher Jillian McFarlane 
McGovern, Christine CCSCA Assistant  
Messina, Angela Kindergarten Teacher Angela Messina 
Miller, Casey KDG Assistant  
Miller, Pamela Crossing Guard  
Minnis, Rachael 1st Grade CCSCA Teacher Rachael Minnis 
Minor, Kathryn Gifted Teacher Katie Minor 
Mitchell, Sarah 5th Grade Teacher Sarah Mitchell 
Moulinet, Ana 3rd Grade CCSCA Teacher   
Niezgodzki, Suzanne Social Worker Suzanne Niezgodzki 
Ogden, Jeffry 2nd - 8th Gr. Music Teacher Jeffry Ogden 
Olguin, Ian 4th Gr. Teacher Ian Olguin  
Olson, Monica K - 2nd Gr. Resource Teacher Monica Olson 
Osorio, Minerva CCSCA Assistant  
Peterson, Tina Office Tech  
Price, Mandi Crossing Guard  
Reyes, Lucy Custodian  
Roberts, Lesa 1st Grade Teacher Lesa Roberts 
Robertson, Elizabeth 7th and 8th Grade Math and Social Studies Teacher Elizabeth Robertson 
Scheller-McElroy, Maria Title 1 Teacher Mrs. McElroy 
Schnebelt, Jessica 7th & 8th Grade Reading and Social Studies Teacher Jessica Schnebelt 
Shafer, Casey Custodian  
Smith, Vanessa Band and Orchestra Teacher  
Somes, Michael Facility Manager  
Travis, Amy Resource Teacher Amy Travis 
Wang, Christine 2nd Grade Teacher Christine Wang 
Watson, Laura Title 1 Assistant  
Watt, Robin 1st Grade Teacher Robin Watt 
Wilson, Brittany 6th Grade Teacher  
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