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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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NamePositionEmailWeb site
NamePositionEmailWeb site
Amy Decker 3rd Grade Teacher  
Barb Alspaugh Office Tech  
Caren Oliver Kindergarten Teacher Caren Oliver 
Carol Graves CCSCA Assistant Carol Graves 
Carrie Boivin Health Tech  
Carrie Colo CCSCA Assistant  
Casey Miller KDG Assistant  
Christine Cornum Lead Assistant  
Christine Follmar Food Service Helper  
Christine McGovern CCSCA Assistant  
Christine Wang 2nd Grade Teacher  
Cindy Edmonds Resource Teacher Ms. Edmond 
Claudia Castillo CCSCA Assistant  
Edith Vanderford CCSCA Assistant  
Elia McManamon Parent Liaison  
Elizabeth Mostoller Kindergarten & 1st Grade Art Teacher  
Erin Brady 4th Grade Teacher  
Gale Parisi Resource Teacher Gale Parisi 
Heather Ratliff 1 On 1 Assistant  
Janice McKenna 7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher  
Jeffrey Ogden 2nd - 8th Gr. Music Teacher  
Jessica Lewis K - 1st Gr. PE Teacher  
Jessica Thomas 1/2nd Grade CCSCA Teacher  
Jillian McFarlane 5th Grade Teacher  
Jodie Nebrich 5th & 6th Grade Speech Teacher  
Karla Green Student Services Specialist Coach Green 
Kassidy Erickson 6th Grade CCSCA Teacher  
Katherine Baker 4th Grade Teacher Katherine Baker 
Kathryn Fitzgerald Gifted Teacher Ms. Fitzgerald's Site 
Katie Anderson 2nd & 3rd Grade SCCCA Teacher Ms. Anderson 
Kelly Bozydaj 6th Grade Teacher  
Kemlyn Bappe 4th & 5th Grade CCSCA Teacher  
Kenneth Smith 7th & 8th Grade Reading/Social Studies Teacher  
Kiley Sullivan 4th Grade Teacher  
Kimberly Baker 1 On 1 Assistant  
Kristin Larson Psychologist  
Larissa Strawn CCSCA Assistant  
Laura Peikert Title 1 Assistant  
Laura Watson Title 1 Assistant  
Lesa Roberts 2nd Grade Teacher Lesa Roberts 
Lettie Reyes Custodian  
Lindsay Orloff 2nd - 8th Gr. Art Teacher  
Lisa Hayes Kindergarten Teacher Lisa Hayes 
Lori Richardson Band/Strings/K-1 Music Teacher Ms. Richardson 
Lucy Reyes Custodian  
Mandi Price Crossing Guard/CCSCA Assistant  
Marci Dunn Library Tech  
Maria Scheller-McElroy Title 1 Teacher Mrs. McElroy 
Mary Baird 3rd & 4th Grade SCCCA Teacher Mary Baird 
Mary Conlogue KidSpace Program Manager  
Matthew Johnson 2nd - 8th Gr. PE Teacher  
Melissa Heffke Office Tech/Title 1 Assistant  
Mildred Lungu 7/8th Grade Language Arts Teacher  
Minerva Osorio Food Service Helper  
Monica Olson K - 2nd Gr. Resource Teacher  
Natalie Grooman Food Service Unit Leader  
Nubia Jeffries CCSCA Assistant  
Pamela Miller Crossing Guard  
Penny Hughes Program Coach Penny Hughes 
Perla Lugo Castro Crossing Guard  
Philip Liles Principal  
Phyllis Capron 1 On 1 Assistant  
Raquel Rodriguez 3rd Grade Teacher  
Rebecca Clark 7th/8th Grade Math Teacher  
Rene McClay Librarian  
Rhoda Mason 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Mason 
Robin Watt 1st Grade Teacher Ms. Watt 
Sarah Mitchell 5th Grade Teacher  
Shasteen Grooman CCSCA Assistant  
Shauna Bryan Office Manager  
Sheri Hazen Speech Teacher Sheri Hazen 
Tarie Garlick Speech Teacher  
Terry Gill 1st Grade Teacher Teresa Gill 
Tina Abbey 1 on 1 Assistant  
Todd Butler Facility Manager  
Traci Ogden 6th Grade Teacher  
Tyler Hillman 5th Grade CCSCA Teacher  
Yvette Ybarra CCSCA Assistant  
Showing 78 items